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Heuer Bund

Hands-On: with the Heuer Bund

The Heuer Bundeswehr was a general issue military watch for pilots, particularly the German airforce pilots of the Luftwaffe. 



You’ll see a ton of dial variants out there for this watch. Arguably the most popular version of this watch is the 3-H, which has “3-H” on the dial, signifying the use of Hydrogen 3 luminous material. There’s a very rare Sternzeit version which is hard to come by.

You may see identical versions of these watches floating around that have Leonidas and not Heuer on the dial. This is because Leonidas was making these watches for the Italian Air Force before they were bought out by Heuer.

Really this is a vintage watch that is all about proportions. There are very few vintage watches from the same area that have such perfect proportions at 43mm in diameter. The real kicker besides the diameter is the thickness. This watch is only 12mm thick, making it a very comfortable daily wearer.

On the back you have the military serial number assigned to the watch
In terms of the movement we have a manually winding Valjoux movement. The movement lacks finishing – this is a military watch after all. What it lacks in visual beauty it makes up in sheer durability. This watch is a front loader, meaning the movement loads from the front, and the caseback actually attaches the bezel to the watch.

Overall this is a great value for those looking for a military chronograph in modern proportions. The price range is $4k-20k depending on condition and dial. 


Heuer Bund

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