Rolex Two Tone Submariner 126613LN Review

There are no revolutions in the world of Rolex, only small, incremental steps over a long period of time. So when Rolex dropped it’s new 41mm Submariner in August of 2020, we expected subtle tweaks and minor updates to the tried and true Submariner. Today we will be looking at the Two-Tone Black dial iteration of the new 41mm Submariner, the 126613LN.



Small Tweaks

The new Submariner line sports an improved case profile, slimmer lugs, a better bracelet and a new In-House Movement. The case is now 41mm instead of 40mm. The 126613LN still uses the Calibre 3235 which was introduced in 2015.Inside, you’ll find the Calibre 3235, which has been serving the Submariner line since 2015. You get 70 hours of power reserve and a true workhorse movement that you don’t have to service for 10 years.

The Case

Honestly, you may have a hard time feeling any difference between the old and new sub on the wrist. The case looks a bit thinner, and closer to Submariners of the past, but dosen’t feel that much different from the old sub.

I’m a self-professed fan of Two-Tone watches, and I have to say there is something special about the Rolesor in the 126613LN. This watch is a contrast-generating machine, catching and reflecting light in all the right places. I find this watch even more attention grabbing than it’s blue-dialed brother, the 126613LB, though less sporty. This is an admittedly flashy watch that you’ll have a very hard time dressing down. You’ve been warned!

The Bracelet

Like the rest of the watch, the new bracelet is both the same and different. It’s wider at the lugs, at 21mm, however, you probably won’t notice it. Apart from the size difference, it’s pretty much the same, and still retains that oh-so-necessary GlideLock system. The Glide-Lock system saves you from wrist purgatory, where the perfect sizing is between links. It also eliminates the cumbersome pin system in older models. Honestly, once you get used to making micro-adjustments on the fly with the Glidelock, there’s no way you can go back.

The Bezel and Dial

You’d be hard pressed to find any changes in the dial. It’s the same deep gloss black with maxi (large) markers and white-gold surrounds. I will add thought, that the black dial, along with the contrasting gold filled bezel numerals, adds to that classy contrast we touched on earlier.

On the Wrist

It’s honestly very hard to tell the difference between this submariner and the previous generation, which is not a bad thing. The fact that very little was changed is a testament to how well the submariner line has evolved.


Outside of the differences in the new Submariner, I’ll say that the Two-Tone experience is not for everyone. This watch nails it at a cocktail party, or on a fancy yacht, but is just too loud in casual settings. Having said that, if you’re looking for some reliable flash, this is the watch for you.

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