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Hands-On: with the LANGE & SOHNE LANGMATIK SAX O MAT with Big Date

Lange and Sohne has always been known for a level of craftsmanship above and beyond most major manufacturers. It's no wonder, they are a German company after all, and we all know how obsessive Germans can be about quality (and beer?). We were able to get our hands on a beautiful Langmatik Big Date in Platinum, and can assure you the Germans don't disappoint!

The first thing that jumps out at you when handling this watch is the date. The Big-Date is Lange's signature dial element. If you're used to having to strain to see the little number in the window on your typical swiss watch, you'll love the Big-Date feature. 


You might think that accommodating a Big Date complication in such a small 37mm case would be enough, but Lange went further by incorporating a delicious Pump



Pusher for on the fly date changes.



Check out those pearls at the quarter indices. A nice touch. 
Speaking of the case, you'll be surprised to hear that I wasn't really a fan of the case. Yes, its beautiful, and having a Platinum watch really is a special experience. The issue that came up for me was that the watch kept sliding down my wrist. I think the fact that it's platinum and 37mm made for a nasty slip and slide situation.
Now lets get to the real reason why you scrolled through: the movement. The movement is gorgeous and impeccably finished.



The movement is Lange's L921.2- A self winding movement using a 3/4 rotor. Movement beats at 21 600 A/h. The rotor is really the centerpiece. Its 21K Gold and swings in both directions. The movement plates are German Silver, which I'm told age very gracefully over time in terms of patina. Also worth mentioning, the watch has a zero-reset function, which means the seconds hands resets to zero when you pull out the crown. This allows you set the time to the exact second. 



Second-hand prices for these watches are not out of line. Would I buy one? Most definitely. But not just now as Lange's styling is a bit too restrained for me. I still need a little flair.





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