Tudor Pelgaos - Tudor's Ultimate Tool Watch

Released in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos was the first titanium watch released by Rolex or Tudor. The Pelagos is a perfect example of why calling Tudor "a poor man's Rolex" is becoming less true these days. While it's true that Rolex's MSRPs are higher than Tudors, modern day Tudors are approaching Rolex in terms of build quality, and reliability. 



Before we get into the technical specs, I'll say right off the bat, this watch has the most legible dial I've ever seen. I think this has to do with those signature snowflake hands, as well as some very well executed Anti-Reflective coating on the crystal. At some angles, it really does look like there's no crystal there at all. 


Released in 2012 - First in Titanium


As mentioned, this watch was released in 2012, and was the first full titanium wristwatch by Tudor. Rolex itself has never released a full titanium watch, and I suppose this is due to the fact that titanium watches feel very light, and Rolex is hesitant to push out a watch that doesn't have the signature Rolex heft. I think if Rolex ever pushed out a full titanium watch, it could be a massive failure, or it could make wearing a light watch something cool, kind of like how the wealthy have made casual attire a status symbol. 

42MM Case Almost-Full Titanium


Regardless of what Rolex is doing, I think the choice to go titanium was a great one, especially since titanium is more resistant to the corrosion that salt water can have on a watch. At 42mm the Tudor Pelagos hits the sweet spot for a modern Tool Watch. Despite being 42mm, this watch is very light. Note that the caseback is still steel. I suspect this is due to some limitation on a titanium caseback's water resistance capabilities. Despite the steel caseback, this watch is still very light, and almost disappears on your wrist, which I think is something desirable on a tool watch. 


Staggering Water Resistance 


The Pelagos is water-resistant to 500 meters, which is a huge amount, especially considering the Rolex Submariner, which is considered by some to be a reference luxury diver is only water resistant to 300m. 


Sweet Micro-Adjustment Bracelet 


One of the key features of the Pelagos is the micro-adjustment deployment clasp, which can be used to adjust the size of the bracelet in small increments, ensuring the perfect fit every time. This is similar to the micro-adjust feature Rolex introduced on it's sport's models, though I will say Rolex's is far more intuitive and easier to use. Despite that, this is a wonderful feature to have, especially if you are prone to having a wrist that is always in between link sizes. 


Wrist Experience 


On the wrist this watch is light, legible, and makes you want to go on adventures. As mentioned it's so light you forget it's there. The titanium is going to scratch a lot, and is a pain in the ass to get polished by your local watchmaker, so you're just going to have to accept that. Please don't baby this watch like you would a Rolex, it wasn't made for that! 

Brand Tudor 
Series Pelagos
Model No.
Diameter/Thickness 42MM/12.75MM
Manufacture Calibre MT5612 (COSC)
MSRP $4,725 USD
Case Material Titanium
Diameter 42MM
Bezel Uni-Directional








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